[hpsdr] Using Atom processor spikes

Tim O'Rourke w4yn at earthlink.net
Tue Apr 21 19:45:30 PDT 2009

I just finished building an Atom powered box to use with my HPSDR setup.
My setup works fine business on a Lenevo desktop very stable and quiet no issues at all.
Using Atom board I see random spikes and overload warning below waterfall every 10-25 seconds.
They are monentary but strong eneough to see on display and hear. Has anyone else seen this?
I will try a different power supply tomorrow to see if that is the problem, same supply both setups for HPSDR but seperate cheap supply running the Atom. BTW Atom seens like a great way to go so far it has run everything I asked it too. I have it mounted in a small mini case and plan to hack a second identical case for HPSDR until Pandora is ready.
Thanks in advance for amy info.
Tim W4YN

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