[hpsdr] TeamSpeak audio 2009/June/27 - compression

Mike Naruta mnaruta at comcast.net
Sun Jun 28 08:57:25 PDT 2009

Yes, Richard, there is significant "compression" in
the TeamSpeak sessions that I upload to HamSDR.  Let
me describe the process.

I remove long silent periods so that the "dead air"
is about one second maximum between transmissions.

I go through and increase the gain for the guys with
low audio.  This is often 5 dB, sometimes 10 dB and
20 dB.

If I have time, I go through again and remove:

Uhhhs (where they are not slurred into adjacent words)
Mouth smacks
"Can you hear me now?" transmissions
Repeating back of the last person's transmission ("Fine Business 
Current weather reports
Current sports scores
Temporal events ("I'll be flying in Monday, meet you Tuesday")
Topics not related to SDR or ham radio

I consider my hours of editing my value-added
contribution to the HPSDR project.

For example, the June 27th recording was 86 minutes
from the start of the session until Bill and Phil
signed off.

The TeamSpeak file that I uploaded to HamSDR was
slightly less than 58 minutes, approximately 67%
of the original, yielding a reduction in file size,
download time, and is about 28 minutes shorter
than the recording.

The June 20th file shows 78 downloads.  So,
projecting, that would be a saving of 36.4 hours
of listening time.  I'm willing to trade my hours
of editing time to save the group almost a
work-week of listening time.

Here is a question for those who listen to the
file from HamSDR:  would you rather have the
original recording, or the edited version?

Mike - AA8K

Richard Ames wrote:
> Mike -
> It appears there is some time compression in the recording of the
> Teamspeak sessions....  yesterday I used the 'wall clock' to note the
> times. Please see:
> http://openhpsdr.org/wiki/index.php?title=Teamspeak_index_2009#27_June
> I looks like it is 15% - 20% shorter (real time was about 70 minutes and
> the recorded version shows 58).
> This makes my note of the timing a bit less useful - do you have any
> control over this????
> Regards,
> Richard.
> On Sat, 2009-06-27 at 10:15 -0400, Mike Naruta wrote:
>> ***** High Performance Software Defined Radio Discussion List *****
>> The 27/June TeamSpeak zipped mp3 (59 minutes)
>> plus a text file of channel sent comments,
>> is available at:

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