[hpsdr] Not your father's Heathkit

Daniel Quigley dquigley at msn.com
Sat Mar 14 16:46:25 PDT 2009


I installed Ozy, Penny and Mercury into a Heathkit SB-104 chassis.  The PA and output filter was salvaged from a Kenwood TS-50s I had laying around.  I'm using a LabJack U3 (USB data acquisition module) to integrate all of the front panel controls - so they work as labeled and can be reconfigured by a custom software glue module I wrote.  The LED display is also a USB device. 
The SB-104hpsdr is to the left, a stock restored SB-104a is on the right.  Next little project was to add LED display and digital control for the SB-104 companion external VFO, which is tied to VFO-B for split freq operation.  I just snap those two components into the rest of my restored vintage SB-104 station and enjoy the best of both vintage and SDR worlds.
Low and High resolution images of the project are hosted here.




Thanks to everyone who made this possible - I am absolutely delighted with the performance.


Best 73's

Dan (N7HQ)

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