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Sorry, missed this important point in the previous announcement.

Short Version:

When using the latest version of the code select the 122.88MHz clock from Mercury

Long Version:

When we designed Penny and Mercury we provided the option, for those that were building their own boards, to use one 122.88MHz clock and feed it to the other board via an LVDS link over a short twisted pair.  With the boards that TAPR sold/sells this is not necessary since each board has its own 122.88MHz and we phase lock these together via either 10MHz TCXOs or an external reference on Atlas C16.

We found that switching between the two 122.88MHz clocks was not a simple task and also complicated the number of signals required on the Atlas bus. So with Kirk's new code, if you have a Mercury board on the Atlas bus then always select Mercury as the source of the 122.88MHz. 

If you have built your own boards, and your 122.88MHz clock is on Penny,  then use a twisted pair between it and Mercury to provide clocks and select Penny as your clock source. 

Bill will add this logic into PowerSDR shortly so the clock selection is automatic.

Again - sorry this slipped through the cracks last time.

73's Phil...VK6APH 

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  Selecting the mercury clock indeed solves the problem.


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