[hpsdr] PowerSDR/OpenHPSDR new release v2.2.7

Dave G4FRE g4fre at g4fre.com
Tue Jan 1 06:48:36 PST 2013

Thanks Doug

Now I don't see power out of Anan's antenna sockets when transverting

Note that, although not explicitly noted below, Anan HAS to have hermes 2.1
software load to support this feature



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A new release of PowerSDR v2.2.7 for the HPSDR hardware is available for
download from the OpenHPSDR.org Downloads page.

Many of the changes/fixes are as follows:
- Metis v2.3 added to the firmware check validation. 
- Alex T/R Relay control added for disabling the ANAN PA during XVTR use.
- PA Gain values for VHF bands set for 30mW RF output on Hermes when using
XVTR bands. (database reset required)
- VAC2 labels on VAC Gain sliders appear correctly on the DIGI mode console.
- Panadapter display level values can be moved with left or right mouse
- Panadapter transmit display levels/colors independent from receive
- UK 60m band updated to reflect new 2013 band plan.
- 'ATT on TX' works correctly when using the S-ATT.
- Updated the level calibration routine to work properly when the S-ATT is
- Moved audio 'MUTE' function after the Wave recording feature in order to 
  record when muted.
- Added multiple bit depth settings to the Wave recorder/playback feature.

The new feature added for disabling the ANAN PA when using the VHFx
transverter bands is located at the bottom of the XVTR page and a duplicate
control at the right hand side of the Setup->Ant/Filters page. The control
is only visible when one of the ANAN radios have been enabled. The PA Gain
controls for each of the VHF bands have been reset for an RF output of ~30mW
from Hermes. Further adjustments can be performed using the corresponding PA
Gain controls found on the Setup->PA Settings page.

73, Doug

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