[hpsdr] cuSDR Beta V0.3.2.7

Hermann hvh.net at gmail.com
Tue Jan 1 15:28:07 PST 2013

Dear All,

new executables for cuSDR32 and cuSDR64 V0.3.2.7 are available on the
OpenHPSDR SVN. The sources are updated later.

Please read the README!  (maybe I should rename this file to 'DONTREADME'

Many changes/bug fixes have been made:

- added possibility to switch off firmware checks (use it please for latest
Metis FW)
- .....

- added possibility to fix the Panadapter/Waterfall spectra to the
  center frequency, and tune the VFO independently from this center
  frequency. So now we have differentiate between the 'center frequency'
  and the 'VFO frequency', which is the frequency at which audio is

  Two additional buttons gives the possibility to set either the VFO
  frequency to the center frequency ('VFO = Mid'), or the center
  frequency to the current VFO frequency ('Mid = VFO').

- bug fixes

- The Radio control Popup window opens now by clicking the right mouse
  button. These Popups can be opened for each receiver seperately, and
  can be made sticky. On the Popups you now find the controls for
  averaging, grid display, Peak-Hold function, 'VFO=Mid', and 'Mid=VFO',
  each of which is controlled seperately for each receiver window.

- The 'Locked Pan' feature has been extended by another mode called
  'Click VFO'. If only the 'Locked Pan' mode has been choosen, the VFO
  frequency is controlled by the mouse wheel or by dragging the mouse
  in the Pan/Waterfall. If in addition 'Click VFO' is choosen, the VFO
  frequency is controlled by clicking with the left mouse button, or by
  clicking and dragging.

- The status of 'Locked Pan', 'Click VFO' and all center and VFO
  frequencies are stored in the settings.ini, and are retrieved after a
  restart of the application.

- Hair cross permanently turned on.

- bug fixes

This version has been tested with the latest firmware versions of all
Hermes, ANAN10, and Angelia (alpha).

No Tx yet :-o

73, Hermann
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