[hpsdr] WANTED Hpsdr system - original boards and backplane or ???

Paul radioboy at telus.net
Tue Jan 1 15:33:42 PST 2013

Hi Fellows,


As I see development and production of the Hermes coming around, I would
imagine some of you may be considering parting with your original HPSDR
setups. Even if you are not quite ready to sell yet, could you please email
me if you are thinking of selling, so I can secure a system in the near
future? I am looking for Atlas, Mercury, Penelope/Pennylane, Metis, Pandora,
LPU and maybe Alex and any of the various PA stages that would take 1/2W up
to 20W or more.


I would also consider a Hermes if you have purchased and are having second


Thanks fellows and a Happy New Year to you all.




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