[hpsdr] dual Rx diversity PowerSDR v2.2.8 (16JAN2013)

Joe Martin K5SO k5so at valornet.com
Wed Jan 16 16:58:05 PST 2013


A new release of the dual Rx diversity PowerSDR program (v2.2.8 dated 16JAN2013) is available for download from 


As with Doug W5WC’s HPSDR PowerSDR v2.2.8 program, changes in this release also include Apollo meter fixes, a new 50W power meter for Apollo, an added ability for UK region users to access the 630m band without changing the region to extended, and Metis v2.4 checks are added to the firmware checking.  

Thank you Doug for keeping the diversity PowerSDR version updated with the new features that appear in your main RX2 HPSDR PowerSDR program!  

Also, the latest version of Angelia firmware (v1.4) is available for download from this same website page. 

73,  Joe K5SO

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