[hpsdr] Hermes problem?

John radio at mediacombb.net
Mon Jan 21 06:50:19 PST 2013

Yesterday I hooked up a speaker to the right channel audio so I could 
monitor 50.125 for the VHF contest.  This morning, when I turned 
everything back on there was no audio from the speaker.

I am using PowerSDR (v 2.2.7) and it reports the Hermes firmware as v 2.2.

Also, now in USB the panadapter shows noise on either side of the 
frequency line (default red line).  This noise is about 10 dB above the 
background noise level on the panadapter and varies in accord with the 
bandwidth selected, filling the entire passband, and also a mirror noise 
on the lower side of the 'red line'.

When I turned everything off and rebooted the PC, everything worked as 

Has anyone else had a similar experience?

John,   WoGN

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