[hpsdr] Hercules help needed please...new to me amp arrived "burnt"

Paul radioboy at telus.net
Wed Jan 23 10:21:55 PST 2013

Hi guys,

My HPSDR system arrived yesterday and I am just going through it all. Found
a few problems, like missing the Alex filters and Janus sound card that were
supposed to be there, but my concern right now is the condition of the
Hercules 100W PA.

It is a PA_100W_Rev.2 BS  with sticker SNo. 027 and FW Rev.2 en

The burnt components are D1 and D2, the SWR diodes from the output of T1 and
a cap or 2. Also, T1 secondary has what looks like 3 (2 now, one missing)
capacitors soldered to ground from the secondary side plate. They have
pulled off the board and are floating. I'm guessing this has caused some SWR
issues which may explain the burnt diodes. I looked through the assembly
drawings and everything I can find about the Hercules on the OpenSdr site,
but it looks like I have an older version. So, my question is, are these
really caps, and if so what value? Would anyone have some of these I could
acquire as well as a few diodes D1, D2. BAS70 I think. I don't want to power
it up until it's all fixed.  I would really like to find the schematic and
assembly drawings for my rev as well.

I am going to get the basic Mercury and Penelope Magister going while I'm
waiting for the PA parts to arrive. 

Pictures worth 1000 words.   



Thank you for your guidance,


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