[hpsdr] Getting Mercury to work with Magister..need some help please

Paul radioboy at telus.net
Thu Jan 24 07:58:12 PST 2013

Hi guys,

Trying to get my first HPSDR system going. It is a used system complete with
Penelope, Mercury Atlas Pandora, Hercules and Magister. It was sort of a
hodge podge of cables and things attached with double sided tape so I
stripped out the box and am starting to assemble from scratch. I tried
getting just mercury running last night..no joy. I have gone thru the
mercury manual and powersdr manual and set all the jumpers on the Mercury,
but the Magister had a few jumpers that had come off and I don't know where
they go. I can't find any manual for the Magister to show where the jumpers
should be. I have the J8 jumper on the Mercury for the on board OSC, it's
checked in PSDR as well, and I am getting white noise out of the RX
headphone jack, but am not rx'ing any signals. I tried putting in a signal
from my HP 8640 with no joy. If I increase the level from the HP, I can see
the "ADC overload" flashing on the PSDR console, but still no indication of
a signal in the panadaptor. I ran the calibration procedure several times,
with different levels and freqs...still no joy. My computer passed latency
check and I have been using PSDR with my softrock so I know basically how
that works.

Arg! Help please. Anyone with Magister info? What am I missing?


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