[hpsdr] Hermes/Anan10 J16 PTT

Mike Monnier w8bac at comcast.net
Thu Jan 31 06:25:11 PST 2013

Thanks to all that helped with this problem. I'm happy to report the problem is
solved. Bill/KC9XG hit a home run with his observations.

I am using the exact same breakout box, I got the idea from others here so it is
possible others might learn from this. The Winford Brk2X13 breakout box is a high quality
item. What I was doing wrong was I used a clip lead to short out pins 25 and 26
on the most convenient place, on top of the screws that clamp the wires. When
nothing happened I tested the Winford board with an ohm meter but never tried
the screw tops, just the wire clamps and circuit board traces. Not only is the loose screw not in contact
with the conductor, the screw tops seems to have a dielectric coating on the top.
It's nice and shiny new looking but not conductive so touching a clip lead short
across the screws tops of 25 and 26 will not work.

The PTT now works fine. Thanks again.


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