[hpsdr] Closing PowerSDR and cuSDR programs crashing

Hermann hvh.net at gmail.com
Tue Jan 1 23:46:40 PST 2013

Hi Dave, All,

re cuSDR before v0.3.2.7: there was bug in cuSDR when stopping operation.
Some thread tried to access data from another thread which was already
deleted. I hope this is healed in v0.3.2.7.

73, Hermann

On Wed, Jan 2, 2013 at 2:02 AM, Dave Watson <davewatson at charter.net> wrote:

> ***** High Performance Software Defined Radio Discussion List *****
>  Is anyone besides me having issues closing the PowerSDR and cuSDR
> programs? I'm using Windows 7/64 bit on an 8 core 8gb RAM, Dell Studio XPS
> 8100. When I close any of the HPSDR programs they open a dialog stating
> they have crashed and want to know if I want to debug them. I have this
> problem on both versions 2.2.3 and the new 2.2.7 of PowerSDR. It must be
> something I set in the configuration or something particular to my Windows
> setup. I did do a full database reset which didn't help. I do run just
> about all the SDR programs (Genesis, SoftRock, Flex, Rocky ...) so I'm
> thinking it might be some DLL in another PowerSDR branch in my path but
> thought I would check with this group to see if it was unique to my setup
> or if others are experiencing the same issue. The only real problem this
> presents is that the programs don't store the configuration options I have
> selected across sessions. The crash at the end must be happening before it
> has a chance to write the config to the storage location being used. This
> means I have to reconfigure them each time I launch them. One other thing I
> have noticed that is different about the HPSDR programs is that they always
> ask me if I really want to run them when I launch them. None of the other
> SDR programs I run do this. One other thing that may be significant is that
> usually I'm running multiple instances of SDR programs at the same time
> (Flex, Genesis, PowerSDR-IQ, HPSDR...).****
> ** **
> Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.****
> ** **
> Dave (W4DJW)****
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