[hpsdr] 2x HP-powerSDR on 1 pc

George Byrkit ghbyrkit at chartermi.net
Fri Jan 4 11:08:38 PST 2013

For sure the 1RX and 2RX versions of PowerSDR use different databases.  There may be a way
to specify (command-line option) where PowerSDR should keep its datafiles (including the
database), but I don't know what it is off-hand.  Maybe Doug or Joe can confirm or deny

I know that KISS has such a feature so that you can run multiple separate copies each with
its own set of datafiles. (I wrote the feature...)

This became more of a necessity once we provided installers for PowerSDR and KISS, as they
had to be able to install the programs under "Program Files", but keep their data
elsewhere, to work on Windows 7, Vista, and later.

At that time, we also provided built-in and external 'manifests' for those programs, and
the 'helper' programs, so that they'd all run with Administrator privilege (which the
need, for sure when using USB, and some of the Ethernet advanced functions) when running
on Vista, Win7 and later.  Those copying and moving installed files may suffer from
problems due to this, as I think one person already has this year.

If PowerSDR or KISS is started, and has previously been set to 'quick-start on the last
used Ethernet adapter with last Metis/Hermes IP address', then they should run with that
Hermes or Metis unit.  If not, and multiple such devices are detected, KISS will offer you
a choice dialog.  I'm not sure what PowerSDR does under that circumstance.  If set for
'quick-start' and the previous Hermes/Metis isn't found, then a full discovery of all such
devices on all Ethernet adapters is performed, at least on KISS.  I think the same may be
done on PowerSDR.  But let's let Doug or Joe confirm or deny that.

PS: I'll be pushing up a new version of KISS over the weekend to accept Metis 2.3 without
complaint or requiring use of 'don't check firmware version'.

George K9TRV


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