[hpsdr] Kiss Konsole suddenly stops; sync color = red

George Byrkit ghbyrkit at chartermi.net
Sun Jan 6 08:48:48 PST 2013

Dear John (Johan),

OK, you didn't say if it was Windows 8 32 bit or 64 bit.  Which is it?  That may be key.
Ever since XP, you have to say what 'bit size' an integer is to properly specify your
operating system, unfortunately.

And is this on a laptop or on a desktop?  If on a laptop, I wonder if you can use the
device manager to check the status of the LibUsb device for Ozy.  Is it there AND WORKING?
This problem just might come about because your laptop (if one is used) cannot supply
enough power to the Ozy board, and thus is shutting down.  If so, try a different USB
port, or try a powered USB hub.  Make sure to check how much power the USB ports on your
computer can supply.

I don't know how much Ozy can draw, but it could well be enough to cause this behavior on
USB ports that are only set to supply the minimum amount of power (maybe like 100ma or
so).  This is among other reasons why many have moved on to Metis, along with higher
bandwidth and less driver latency using Windows built-in ethernet drivers, rather than an
add-on USB driver (LibUsb0).

George K9TRV

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Dear John PA3GSB,

Unfortunately, we don't do much (any) testing on Windows 8.  I don't have a system with
that installed, and didn't really plan to do so, especially for USB problems.

That said, I think the 'thread has exited' message may be more problematic, unless it is
present when the unit starts working, but before the error occurs, and the error -5 on the
first write-to-Ozy failure is problematic (error 5 would usually be 'file not found').

Are you running under Visual Studio 2010?

Is 'Pen' Penelope or PennyLane? (or even PennyWhistle, but that's less likely...)

What was the source for LibUSB0 that you installed on your Windows 8 system?

Have you tried PowerSDR, and if so, does it have the same issue?

George K9TRV
KISS Konsole maintainer


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