[hpsdr] ANAN10D For Sale

Bruce Beford bruce.beford at myfairpoint.net
Tue Jan 8 14:49:51 PST 2013


I believe that should read ANAN-10, not ANAN10D. There is no 10D. The "D" in
the ANAN-100D indicates the dual coherent receiver architecture of the
Angelia board, on which the ANAN-100D is based. The ANAN-10 uses the Hermes

Not to be a nit-picker, but I wouldn't want anyone to misunderstand the
differences between the Apache Labs products. BTW, I have an ANAN-10
PA/enclosure housing and complementing my TAPR Hermes board, and am quite
pleased with it.

Bruce, N1RX

> Hi guys

> In anticipation of the Anan100D, I am putting my Anan10D for sale. It 
> works perfectly, has the proper bootloader and is running the latest
> .21 firmware.


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