[hpsdr] Further Information: Help Needed: PowerSDR TX Frequency Inaccuracy

Tokio Endo rfcgf600 at ybb.ne.jp
Fri Jan 11 17:48:49 PST 2013

Hi All,

I changed the board: from Hermes to Penny, Mercury, Metis, and OCXO
I measured TX frequency of PowerSDR in the same manner as the case of
The measured transmitted frequency is correct, 3.559 9999: the difference is

Penny V1.7, Metis V2.3, Mercury 3.3, 10MHz Clock is Atlas bus, 122.88Mhz
from Mercury.
PowerSDR is V2.2(11/24/12), firmware check bypassed.

Therefore the problem might be Hermes for my case.
It is very much appreciated If someone can measure the transmitted frequency
of Hermes, and let us know the result.

Tokio Endo

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  Hi All,

  I mistyped.
  Frequncy set to 3.560 000 in CW on the display, not 3.650 000.


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    Hi All,

    I measured TX frequncy of PowerSDR.
    Frequency set to 3.650 000 in CW on the display.
    However the measured frequency in transmission is 3.559 9715.
    About 28 Hz down. Receiving is quite normal, e.g. in the reception of
strong AM broadcasting station by tuning in the excat frequncy display, LSB
or USB is the same sound. If there is a 28Hz difference we can easily
identify the frequency difference listening music in LSB or USB.

    The above is the result of newlly installed PowerSDR V2.2 (11/24/12).
The board is Hermes V2.1. External 10MHz OCXO is used, its accuracy is
confimred after the above measurement.

    The infomration about the above is very much appreciated. So far I've
transmitted in the wrong frequncy.

    Tokio Endo
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