[hpsdr] Bug with PTT switch

mstangelo at comcast.net mstangelo at comcast.net
Sat Jan 12 11:59:15 PST 2013

I've been operating with PowerSDR 2RX v2.2.7 on my ANAN-10.

I'm enjoying the radio and have made some CW and SSB contacts.

I did notice something odd with the external PTT on J16 pin1.

- If I transmit out of band using the TUN or MOX button I get the Transmit Error message. When I acknowledge the message by clicking OK it returns to the receiver operation.

- If I transmit out of band using the external PTT J16 pin1 to pin2 I get the same Transmit Eror message. However, when I acknowledge by clicking OK PowerSDR turns off. I have to click the POWER button to turn it on. This looks like a bug.


Mike N2MS


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