[hpsdr] HPSDR with PTC II

Chris Gerber chris.gerber at swissonline.ch
Mon Jan 14 00:06:22 PST 2013


Has every anybody connected a PTC II Pactor controller to a Hermes board,
or a ANAN-10. I am testing it here with a ANAN-10 and encounter the same
timing problems I had 7 years ago with the Flex5000, until Flex changed
PWRSDR which brought it to work well on the Flex5000 and Flex3000 with
also some changes by the user of some buffersizes.
But here on the ANAN PWRSDR version is only one buffer to be changed and
that did not give any success. Also not, chaning the delay parameters.

73 Chris HB9BDM


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