[hpsdr] Angelia-Alex-Munin Transceiver.

Roland Etienne roland.etienne at free.fr
Tue Jan 29 05:57:29 PST 2013

Hi Kjell,

Wow, what a transceiver! It gives me the motivation to finish my Hermes and
Munin boards!

Nice job and enjoy skiing...

Roland F8CHK

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> Hi all.
> I have built a new OpenHPSDR Transceiver using Angelia, Munin and the Alex
> filters installed in a small rack. The size is (W X H X D) 280 X 90 X 240
> mm. The rack is more or less home made but you can find similar enclosures
> that can easily be modified for this use.
> The rack is divided into two horizontal rooms and Angelia is installed in
> the upper compartment together with the power input filter and the fan.
> Munin+ Heat Sink and the Alex filters are in the lower compartment. The
> cooling air is blown down through the heat sink and out on the back.
> I have uploaded 7 pictures to http://www.hamsdr.com/profile1.aspx?id=6498.
> **185.jpg: The top compartment seen from the front.
> **188.jpg: The top compartment seen from the back.
> **189.jpg: The bottom compartment seen from the back.
> **190.jpg: The bottom compartment seen from the front.
> **192.jpg: The unit with cover installed.
> **193.jpg: Both Angelia and Hermes/Apollo from back side.
> **195.jpg: Both seen from front.
> This is NOT how ANAN-100D is going to look like! It is my solution and
> Hermes can of course be used instead of Angelia.
> As you might see on **188.jpg, I am using a 10-30V 90W PicoPSU directly
> plugged into Angelia. There are no detectable spurs generated by this PSU.
> Munin can safely run on 24V. I have not done any exact IMD measures so far
> but what I see is that the IM3 and IM5 are at least 6-10 dB better at 24V
> than at 13,8V with 100W PEP out. Even at 150W PEP, the IM3 and IM5 are >
> -32 dbc (PEP) at 13,8V on all bands except on 12, 10 and 6 meter.
> You will also see that I have glued a large heat sink removed from an old
> VGA card on the FPGA. It is not absolutely necessary but I feel better
> using it! On the two AD Converters I have placed heat sinks made for RAM
> chips. You can find them on e-bay.
> The fan is 80X80 mm salvaged from an old PC PSU. It is temperature
> controlled so it normally runs very quiet.
> The DC input filter is installed just to be safe. As you see, I am using 4
> Power Pool connectors, 2 for each wire.
> The 9 pin D-connector is going to be replaced by a 15 pin and used to
> control an external PA or antenna switch.
> This is what I have used the darkest time of the year for! Now we have got
> the sun back after nearly 2 months darkness. Still the day is short and
> cold but with half a meter of snow, the skiing conditions are good.
> 73, Kjell
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