[hpsdr] [Q] setup for SignaLink USB to HPSDR?

Dominic Hawken dominic at del.co.uk
Sun Mar 28 09:51:08 PDT 2010

Hi Ken,

I have the original Signalink (without the USB) that I use with an 
FT-847 and Ham Rsdio Deluxe (same situation as MixW / EasyPal / whatever 
software you are using for decoding digital signals).

I've just got my HPSDR up and running with the LPU PSU (thanks to Scott 
Cowling and Bill Tracey for their helpful emails yesterday trying to fix 
that problem - I re-soldered but ended up disabling the -12v feed as 
it's still problematic though thankfully unnecessary so far) :-)

The Signalink gives you a way of connecting the audio in/out from your 
external radio to your soundcard, and the USB bit (as far as I am aware) 
allows you to key the transmitter. With HPSDR there is no need for any 
of this external interface, as when you plug

With HPSDR is that there is no need to use an external interface like 
the Signalink, because when you plug OZY into the USB port of your 
computer running SoftRock, all of the audio and control is handled 
directly within your PC, which talks to HPSDR directly.

The trick to using other software like MixW / HRD to process the audio 
from HPSDR or broadcast is to connect them via software on your PC, 
using 'virtual' cables rather than real ones. There's a page on the wiki 


Using Com0com and VAC you can connect pretty much any PC software you 
want to process the audio from HPSDR or control it's functionality. 
Com0com creates the control ports you need to control or read PowerSDR 
information, and VAC routes the audio for decoding / transmission.

Mail me for help if you want - it can be confusing. Would make for a 
good addition to the Wiki pages and have been documenting so far to that 
end. I can't speak for the CW side of things yet, but the principles are 
the same.

As an aside, I have to say with the LPU up and running and everything 
working correctly so far, the performance of Mercury is gobsmacking. 
I've been listening to today's contests on 40m and 20m with the same 
Hustler 6-BTV I've had for 3 years in a tiny garden in West London that 
used to be connected to my FT-847. For the first time rather than 
hearing contest stations just call CQ, I've heard around 70% of the 
stations answering them too, rather than just mush. My gratitude once 
again to all of the people involved that have made this project a 
reality, the tech and ingenuity is incredible and so much appreciated.



Ken N9VV wrote:
> ***** High Performance Software Defined Radio Discussion List *****
> Hi, I am using a SignaLink USB interface from my PC to my Kenwood 
> TS-480SAT rear panel ACC jack. It works wonderfully for EasyPal digital 
> SSTV, all the digi modes (MixW) and has a "radio interface" cable made 
> for the Kenwood (plug and play).
> Tigertronics, the SignaLink USB dealer, has lots of Radio cables that I 
> can substitute for my Kenwood cable if I want to hook up to my Ozy + 
> Mercury + Penelope setup. Look at their webpage scroll down to interface 
> cables:
> <URL: http://www.tigertronics.com/slusbmain.htm >
> [1] But what cable should I buy?
> [2] has anyone used the SignaLink USB with an HPSDR?
> [3]  how did you hook up your PC audio output and PTT to your HPSDR for 
> digi modes?
> [4]  how did you hook up your PC to HPSDR for CW modes?
> [5]  what about using an external K1EL keyer? where is the sidetone 
> generated (inside K.I.S.S. or PowerSDR?).
> thank you very much for helping a Penelope newb,
> 73 de Ken N9VV

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