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Hermann hvh.net at gmail.com
Tue Jan 17 14:19:12 PST 2012

Dear All,

I put together some information on the progress of my cuSDR software for
HPSDR. You can find it here: https://plus.google.com/107168125384405552048

cuSDR is still in alpha status. The 4 receiver version with Mercury
firmware 3.1 is up and running, using DttSP. Last screenshots show an idea
for displaying 4 receivers. All 4 receiver widgets are fully scalable
including scalable dBm and frequency scales. Using Framebuffer Objects of
OpenGL I was able to reduce the CPU utilization by nearly 50%, that is,
most work for panadapter, waterfall and scales are done directly on the GPU
using textures. Due to Framebuffer Objects there's no need to store/copy
whole waterfall images in RAM. Instead you directly write the actual
waterfall line onto the GPU RAM (DMA) and use blit operations to move the
waterfall textures forward. The GPU utilization shows 7% on my Nvidia
GTX460. The Cuda stuff for DSP will be re-implemented later (cuSharpDSP).
Chirp Decoder mode is also up & running.

Having 4 panadapters/waterfall displays on a 24" screen really rocks!

Some infos and requirements for cuSDR:
- Programming: Qt/C++/OpenGL (and Cuda) for Windows XP/Win 7 32/64 Bit
- Graphic card (or onboard chip) must support at least OpenGL Version 2.0,
- Dual Core CPU (better: dual or quad core with Hyperthreading) recommended.

vy 73,

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