[hpsdr] Mini-Circuits spare parts

John Melton john.d.melton at googlemail.com
Thu Jan 3 07:16:32 PST 2013

I have all the parts for the EU Mini-Circuits group buy now and I will 
be shipping to everyone that ordered tomorrow.

I have a few spares available due to the order quantities/price breaks 
if anyone needs any extras.

Currently I have following:

2x RLP-50+          @ £6.54 each
4x DAT-31-SP+     @ £2.63 each
3x ADT1.5-1+       @ £2.43 each
2x LFCV-52+         @ £3.04 each
18x TC1-1TG2+    @ £1.14 each
24x TC4-1TG2+    @ £1.14 each
17x GALI-6+         @ £1.23 each

Postage extra.

I will ship to anywhere. First come first served.


John g0orx/n6lyt

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