[hpsdr] Fully enclosed Hermes cooling?

John radio at mediacombb.net
Thu Jan 3 08:34:05 PST 2013

My worries are probably unfounded since the ANAN-10 uses Hermes *and* a 
PA in a small box, but I am still worried that I might damage my Hermes.

I mounted my Hermes in an older CDROM drive case by making aluminium end 
plates and carving up the plastic internal support of the original CDROM 
drive.  With the top cover off I can feel a noticeable amount of heat 
with my hand about even with the top of the case.  There must be about 8 
Watts of heat in that box...      [(13.6 V * 0.6 A) - 500mW]

Will I hurt the reliability of my Hermes by completely enclosing the 
CDROM drive case?  Should I add cooling holes or a fan?  My Hermes is a 
TAPR unit and I don't know if the components are rated the same as the 

John,   WoGN

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