[hpsdr] Closing PowerSDR and cuSDR programs crashing

Dave Watson davewatson at charter.net
Tue Jan 1 17:02:13 PST 2013

Is anyone besides me having issues closing the PowerSDR and cuSDR programs?
I'm using Windows 7/64 bit on an 8 core 8gb RAM, Dell Studio XPS 8100. When
I close any of the HPSDR programs they open a dialog stating they have
crashed and want to know if I want to debug them. I have this problem on
both versions 2.2.3 and the new 2.2.7 of PowerSDR. It must be something I
set in the configuration or something particular to my Windows setup. I did
do a full database reset which didn't help. I do run just about all the SDR
programs (Genesis, SoftRock, Flex, Rocky ...) so I'm thinking it might be
some DLL in another PowerSDR branch in my path but thought I would check
with this group to see if it was unique to my setup or if others are
experiencing the same issue. The only real problem this presents is that the
programs don't store the configuration options I have selected across
sessions. The crash at the end must be happening before it has a chance to
write the config to the storage location being used. This means I have to
reconfigure them each time I launch them. One other thing I have noticed
that is different about the HPSDR programs is that they always ask me if I
really want to run them when I launch them. None of the other SDR programs I
run do this. One other thing that may be significant is that usually I'm
running multiple instances of SDR programs at the same time (Flex, Genesis,
PowerSDR-IQ, HPSDR...).


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Dave (W4DJW)

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