[hpsdr] Hermes

FRANCIS CARCIA carcia at sbcglobal.net
Tue Jan 1 15:37:47 PST 2013

Happy New Year Everyone,
My Hermes didn't have any lock up problems until a couple days ago. I've had it running almost 12 hours a day
for the past two weeks operating and using it as a clean source to upgrade my final IMD. So today was the day.
I downloaded new code and tried the programmer. What a joy, no jumpers no funkyness. You guys did a great job
on this. Worked the first try. TNX everyone I having a ball with Hermes. I do want to integrate my Cubic pre/post 
selector to the RX. Snow static will saturate the A/D at times so need to make the front end tighter. It has been
a great vacation with this new HPSDR tool. TNX, Frank WA1GFZ
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