[hpsdr] Problem making HPSDR transmit ( probably simple )

Tom Arnold K6AET tom at k6aet.org
Wed Jan 2 14:29:50 PST 2013

I've been reading docs and playing but so far have been unable to do this,
so apologies in advance if its ( likely ) a real boneheaded mistake on my

I have an HPSDR setup.  Ozy, Excaliber, Mercury, Janus, and Penelope. ( also
pennywhistle but that isn't in the equation right now ).

Firmware updated to the latest across the board.

Not quite the latest PowerSDR as I just saw the email of a new version, so
I'm one version back.

Anyhow, receive works fine.    Have AM selected for simplicity of
monitoring.  Transmit works if I select a tone to transmit however I cannot
transmit any voice.  I have multiple Heil headsets with both electret and
dynamic elements and have adjusted jumpers accordingly.  I have tried Mic
plugged into Penelope as well as Mic plugged into Janus, setting the option
appropriately and also noting that the jumper settings for the cards are

As I currently have two HPSDR setups that are identical except one has Alex,
I have swapped cards back and forth to make certain its not a hardware

Any pointers are appreciated!

 -Tom / K6AET

 - Tom Arnold           -    Because I needed another hobby... 
 - K6AET formerly AF6YW -     

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