[hpsdr] Munin update please help.

erik.frost at ofir.dk erik.frost at ofir.dk
Sun Jan 13 08:37:21 PST 2013

Hi Kjell and all Munin freaks.
I am one of the Kjell’s lost beta builders from 2010, I build my 
Munin according to the schematic  04/03 2010 and board 04/03 2010
I have never been able to get more then 45W pp output, I have tried 
lots of things including RG178 windings on output transformer
but no luck.
Apart from that it works fine, I had fun and learned a lot, but now I 
am stuck.
The HPSDRwiki Munin pages has not been updated since March 2010.
Please help me getting updated.
73, Erik
OZ2EF  Denmark

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