[hpsdr] New PC?

john clark n0ure at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 14 20:03:50 PST 2013

My aging 2.1  Pentium might get Hermes started but I don't think it will serve up 5 RX, so ----

If you were to build a new PC to provide for 5-RX & TX  for a Hermes, what hardware would you specify?
A machine that will support normal growth for three years.
I hope for three 15" displays. I look forward to
 the CUDA software group  using  the GPU(s) on the video card(s). 
AMD Cross-fire or Nvidia SLI & Open-CL?
I'm thinking I will start with an Intel i7 cpu, USB2 & 3, Ethernet 10/100/1000. From there I look for advice, i.e. is there a 'best MB chip set', best value memory?
Will the software be better served by i7 2700K high clock speed 4 cpu or the i7 3820, lower clock but 6 cpu?

I welcome all suggestions.

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