[hpsdr] TeamSpeak audio 2013/Jan/19

AA8K73 GMail aa8k73 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 18 19:48:25 PST 2013

The 19/January TeamSpeak mp3 (47 minutes) 64 kbps is available at:

< http://www.hamsdr.com/dnld.aspx?id=1377 >


< http://www.hamsdr.com/dnld.aspx >

Discussion of possible phase-out of USB, what will be needed for 

Text to follow:

<19:31:23>  *** You are now talking in channel: "OpenHPSDR"

<21:12:23> "Dave - WA8YWQ": Scotty said IQuadLabs may produce Metis
<21:15:12> "Rick - VE3MM": 73 guys see you next week
<21:16:55> "Bill - KD5TFD": ipv6 ?? you think it will actually 
ever roll out?
<21:17:16> "Jeremy - NH6Z": Rolled out on our network.  Comcast 
is in field trials.
<21:18:18> "Bill - KD5TFD": far in the future I'd bet
<21:18:43> "Bill - KD5TFD": in that case run a 6to4 tunnel
<21:26:42> "Bill - KD5TFD": wider channels is better to my mind

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