[hpsdr] New to HPSDR

Wallace Gelok vk6ys at me.com
Sat Jan 19 02:40:48 PST 2013

G'Day all.

I purchased an ANAN 10 early Jan and after some issues getting started I am enjoying a wonderful transceiver. Great rx and teamed with my SPE I K amp is doing a fantastic job. My congratulations to all who have been involved in the development so far.

My problem is, how do I lower the output level on the MON when in CW. I am sure there must be a way, but I cant find it...just about blew my ears off first time around!!
At a reasonable level listening to a signal on CW, going to tx is many db above the signal level. I have downloaded and read lots of manuals etc but just cannot find how to change the monitor audio level.


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