[hpsdr] Line level vs. mic input on Penelope and Hermes

Duane - N9DG n9dg at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 24 09:05:24 PST 2013

For those who have or are using the line level inputs for the Penelope and/or the Hermes is it worth the extra effort in terms of having better quality TX audio?

I like the idea of using line level mic audio inputs on these boards, but am questioning if it is worth the extra effort to make up the cabling and connectors to interface with them vs. using the comparatively easier to work with 3.5mm mic inputs.

I'm in the process of re-working all of my mic signal handling throughout the entire shack and am striving to use balanced line levels throughout the system for as much of it as I can, and then only transitioning to unbalanced and/or mic level inputs to the individual radios as necessary. I will be using W2IHY IBox interfaces for each radio.


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