[hpsdr] Getting Mercury to work with Magister...IT"S WORKING!

Paul radioboy at telus.net
Fri Jan 25 07:55:32 PST 2013

I just wanted to send a note out to let you know my HPSDR system is up and
running. Thank you to all who sent me ideas and guided me through this.
Everyone's input was appreciated.

I would especially like to thank Joe Martin K5SO, who stayed with me by his
computer all day yesterday answering my endless questions and helping me get
this going. He embodies the true spirit of amateur radio and was willing to
help until I got this working.  Thank you Joe!

As it turns out, there were a number of issues that needed to be addressed,
which would have taken me days/weeks to understand why, but he knew the
answers and by dinner it worked. The firmware was all out of date and wasn't
compatible with the version of P SDR I had installed, which I thought was
current but wasn't. There were a couple of conflicting jumpers set, and
basically just needed to be treated as a fresh built system, not one that
was working and ready to go. I learned about programming the boards, which
after all the downloads and updates to drivers and such, was really pretty
easy, but still there were steps that had to be followed in order. All in
all, it was a great learning experience and I now know the system way better
than 24 hours ago. 

So now I have a basic working Penelope, Mercury and Magister, and I am going
to continue working on the Hercules PA burnt components. I also need to find
a set of Alex filters as they were not included in this as indicated, and I
now know that they are very important.

So, again, thank you all for your help!

Kind regards,

Paul Wende

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Hi guys,

Trying to get my first HPSDR system going. It is a used system complete with
Penelope, Mercury Atlas Pandora, Hercules and Magister. It was sort of a
hodge podge of cables and things attached with double sided tape so I
stripped out the box and am starting to assemble from scratch. I tried
getting just mercury running last night..no joy. I have gone thru the
mercury manual and powersdr manual and set all the jumpers on the Mercury,
but the Magister had a few jumpers that had come off and I don't know where
they go. I can't find any manual for the Magister to show where the jumpers
should be. I have the J8 jumper on the Mercury for the on board OSC, it's
checked in PSDR as well, and I am getting white noise out of the RX
headphone jack, but am not rx'ing any signals. I tried putting in a signal
from my HP 8640 with no joy. If I increase the level from the HP, I can see
the "ADC overload" flashing on the PSDR console, but still no indication of
a signal in the panadaptor. I ran the calibration procedure several times,
with different levels and freqs...still no joy. My computer passed latency
check and I have been using PSDR with my softrock so I know basically how
that works.

Arg! Help please. Anyone with Magister info? What am I missing?



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