[hpsdr] No MIC Audio output with VAC1 activated

Larry Dodd 101science at gmail.com
Thu Jan 24 17:56:26 PST 2013

I noticed that if I am using VAC1 to FLDIGI or M110A
digital programs and I need to switch to voice using
my microphone when I hit the MOX button the rig goes into
transmit but I get no audio output.  If I deavctivate VAC1 then the 
voice from the MIC is ok. Problem is it takes some 10 seconds of time
to switch VAC1 in and out.  Strange as I believe I have used VAC1
turned on and used the microphone ok at times.  But most of the time
I get no microphone audio with VAC1 activated.  
Any ideas of what is going on?  Is this normal?

OpenHPSDR 2Rx v2.2.9 - Windows 8 – ANAN-10 v2.0
Larry K4LED
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