[hpsdr] TeamSpeak audio 2013/Jan/26

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Fri Jan 25 20:31:07 PST 2013

The 26/January TeamSpeak mp3 (47 minutes) 64 kbps is available at:

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< http://www.hamsdr.com/dnld.aspx >

Text to follow:

20:05:59>  *** You are now talking in channel: "OpenHPSDR"
21:04:05> "Jeremy - NH6Z": Nice Phil.
21:14:37> "Jeremy - NH6Z": mcdermj at dstar ~ $ uptime
18:14:11 up 4 days, 12 min,  1 user,  load average: 1.34, 1.28, 1.25
21:14:50> "Bill - KD5TFD": nice
21:15:22> "Jeremy - NH6Z": I do have a Perl script that tests to 
see if it can ping the default gateway and then resets the 
Ethernet if it can't and reboots as a last resort.
21:15:37> "Jeremy - NH6Z": I'm willing to share with people if 
folks have RPis that they're having issues with.
21:15:42> "Bill - KD5TFD": good idea
21:17:30> "Jeremy - NH6Z": Unfortunately, I blew up my rotor 
interface board during debugging.  I hate it when your probe tip 
slips and shorts the 20VAC bus to the 5VDC bus.
21:17:40> "Dave - KV0S": http://g0orx.blogspot.com/
21:18:06> "Bill - KD5TFD": hazard of this work ... killed an ozy 
fpga once with the slipping probe trick
21:18:40> "Bill - KD5TFD": was crushed to have to replace that 
fpga .... good thing I'd just bought a microscope and it arrive 
in time for the work
21:18:41> "Jeremy - NH6Z": At least the RPi is cheap, I just 
ordered two more to have some in stock.  Right now it's just 
been the work of replacing out the relay driver transistors.
21:19:41> "Bill - KD5TFD": certainly makes the Pi more 
accessible with it being so cheap
21:19:59> "Jeremy - NH6Z": Incidentally, if folks are wondering, 
I got my latest batch of Pis around 3 days after I ordered them.
21:23:25> "Jeremy - NH6Z": The RPi experiments that John is 
doing makes it interesting to think about having a Metis with an 
integrated ARM.
21:26:54> "Bill - KD5TFD": mounting a fan on the FPGA yet?
21:27:47> "Bill - KD5TFD": zoom zoom
21:34:38> "Bill - KD5TFD": hmm ... as I recall when we were 
slipping frames the sync bits were pretty helpful for one bit of 
21:43:47> "Bill - KD5TFD": sounds like a flex 6something
21:51:53> "Bill - KD5TFD": they do seem to have some sort of 
floating license capability: 
21:53:44> "Jeremy - NH6Z": Looks like they use the standard 
flexlm, which runs on Linux and we can run it on our colocated 
21:54:05> "Bill - KD5TFD": ya .. think mentor uses(d) that as well?
21:54:22> "Jeremy - NH6Z": Yeah, I'm not 100% sure.  It'd be 
nice if we could use the same license server for both.
21:54:33> "Bill - KD5TFD": ya

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