[hpsdr] Mercury Problem

Stephen West-Fisher steve at coastaldatasystems.com
Sat Jan 26 12:10:58 PST 2013

I've just finished building Mercury, and while I didn't expect it to work
right off I don't know where to start the troubleshooting.

I loaded V3.2 firmware with no errors.
I uninstalled my old PowerSDR and installed 2Rx v2.2.9 even though I have
only the one Mercury.
When I hit the power button with Mercury selected in setup PowerSDR locks
up. If I de-select Mercury it runs fine.

I recall some discussion recently about software/firmware version issues but
I cannot find it searching the list or on the openhpsdr site. Could someone
point me to some current documentation about it?

While I didn't really expect the board to work first time, I did not expect
it to lock up PoswerSDR, just to not work. Could this be from a hardware
issue? If so, where should I start looking for errors on the board?


Stephen West-Fisher

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