[hpsdr] PowerSDR/OpenHPSDR new release v2.2.7

PETER BUCK peteg3lwt at btinternet.com
Wed Jan 2 12:28:35 PST 2013

Hi Doug and all,
Thanks for the latest issue v2.2.7 of PowerSDR RX2 - a great job. Seems to run more smoothly than version 2.2.6. There is a minor error in the UK 60m band setup - the gap between the allocation which ends at 5374.5kHz and begins again at 5378.0kHz is missing - otherwise all is fine. Usage of these new allocations has not settled yet, but indications of a concensus are beginning to emerge which may enable some segments to be given usage titles such as Digimodes etc. - more on that later. I am also seeing the error message on close down that others have reported - not a big deal though.
Not being a regular user of RX2 versions, I am unsure whether the following observations are of an intended feature, or an unintended consequence of other changes. Please accept my apologies for raising this, if indeed it is intended to work this way. I must confess this threw me when testing version 2.2.6.
VAC1 and VAC2 can be enabled using the buttons below RIT etc. regardless of the mode selected. So if these are accidently left selected, no audio and hence no Tx output results in any speech mode. This occurs despite the override settings in Setup/Audio/VAC1/VAC2 of autoenable and PTT override. Further, after operating in digimode and selecting say USB, the VAC button is not de-selected - it must be done manually. However, when going back to digital operation, the appropriate VAC is automatically selected. I found this a little confusing.
Overall a great New Year present to us all - Thanks!
Pete, G3LWT


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