[hpsdr] PowerSDR/OpenHPSDR new release v2.2.7

Joe Martin K5SO k5so at valornet.com
Tue Jan 1 14:15:03 PST 2013

Hi DIck,  

I totally disagree with you.  

In my opinion, the situation is neither indecipherable nor is it unusable.  Quite the contrary, in fact.  Yes of course, as is stated in the USB comm protocol document (v1.45) that has been recently posted by Phil to the SVN and described briefly by Doug in his recent post, the behavior of the external T/R relay control line inthe firmware will now depend upon which hardware set and configuration you have selected in the PC program.  That is a necessary feature of supporting such a wide variety of hardware as is done in the HPSDR project.  

Doug has done an admirable job of coding all the various scenarios in his latest PowerSDR v2.2.7!  Be aware that some hardware and configuration selections require  that the external T/R relay be disabled under transverter operation.  As Doug, explained, there is now a new user control that becomes active when certain hardware/configuration selections are made and this new control does not affect earlier hardware/configuration settings that do not require the T/R relay to be disabled. 

You, of all people, who have assisted recently in document writing for the project (thanks for that!!) are certainly aware that if the documents for any aspect of this project are not detailed enough for your taste or need to be created if they don't now exist, or need refinement, you are most welcome to make such contributions.  

Further, there is a user manual already posted to the SVN (thanks Phil!) that describes connections and operation of the VNA with Hermes.  My suggestion to you is to read it as your first step to using the Hermes as a VNA.  I have done that and it works as described.  

If you find that your equipment doesn't behave as expected/advertised please report any such anomalies on this reflector and the appropriate person(s) will address the issue in due course, as always.  Hardware/software/firmware are beta tested to some extent before posting onto the SVN, therefore while you certainly may discover a previously unseen bug in any of it, the odds are more likely that you have incorrectly configured your system and need some personalized help, which is generally readily available on this reflector, of course.  Posts need to be civil, as unfriendly complaints (intended to be unfriendly or not) in any forum including this one, usually do not provide much incentive for anyone to offer help.  If I completely misinterpreted the tone of your posting, I apologize to you and suggest that you should perhaps be more clear in your posts.  

Indeed, what kind of question is: "Has or had anyone ever given consideration to the use of J1 or the component values for R17 & R18?"?  If it shows up on the schematic and/or circuit board those items didn't magically appear, OM.

73,  Joe K5SO

On Jan 1, 2013, at 12:37 PM, Dick Faust wrote:

> ***** High Performance Software Defined Radio Discussion List *****
> If I now understand the Hermes power output settings they are going to change in what may appear to be an indecipherable manner depending upon application  And the use of J1 Transverter jack will be mostly unuseable if anyone has actually placed components for C39, R17 & R18.
> Thus for Hermes with or without ANAN, Alex or Apollo:
> 1. Normal output is expected to be +26.99dBm [500mw] and ANAN, Alex and Apollo will have output.
> 2. VNA output is expected to be -10dBm [100mw] and  ANAN, Alex and Apollo may have output.
> 3. Transverter output is expected to be ~+14.771dBm [30mw] and ANAN, Alex and Apollo will not have output.
> Has or had anyone ever given consideration  to the use of J1 or the component values for R17 & 18 ?
> Has anyone documented the proper system connections for VNA and Transverter operation ?
> Dick K9IVB
>> snip ....
>> The PA Gain
>> controls for each of the VHF bands have been reset for an RF output of ~30mW
>> from Hermes. Further adjustments can be performed using the corresponding PA
>> Gain controls found on the Setup->PA Settings page.
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