[hpsdr] OpenHPSDR suitable HF Amps

Jeff & Rae Hunt sa67s at bigpond.com
Thu Jan 17 14:06:24 PST 2013

Hi Abhi,


You may recall I 'd queried about whether the ANAN-100 could be made
available less the Hermes card which I already have.


You responded that you were considering it, but didn't give any idea of the


As I've got a bare Hermes board which is of limited use at present, if the
ANAN-100 option is still some way off I'd be interested in the case and 10W
PA kit if you've still got one available so that I could at lease start
playing with Hermes more seriously than at present. Currently with no
filtering in front I can't tune the attenuator off due to getting ADC
Overload and even with it on at times it still happens !








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The 10W PA was sold with almost no margin for folks who had purchased

a TAPR hermes card, however, it was not commercially viable to keep

selling it indefinitely,


If you need one I can have it made available for you,


The Hermes Housing is still available:











I was surprised to find out that Apache-Labs no longer sells the ANAN-10

kits nor the enclosure. What gives Abhi?


Now this begs the question how long before we see Apollo or Munnin? Do

we have an ETA for either of these amplifiers?


I have several amplifiers that would be suitable to interface with

Hermes, but neither have the form-factor for a man-pack design.


73, Berndt



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