[hpsdr] Getting Mercury to work with Magister..need some help please

David McQuate mcquate at sonic.net
Thu Jan 24 09:51:49 PST 2013

Hi Paul,

   I'll leave it to someone else to address the proper jumpers on Magister.

   The fact that you're getting "ADC overload" flashing on PowerSDR 
screen indicates that you have some communication between your PC and 
the hpsdr hardware.  No signals may mean that the firmware on the boards 
needs to be updated so that it is all compatible and also compatible 
with PowerSDR.

Open the PowerSDR setup dialog.  Click "General" on the top row of tabs, 
and "HPSDR" on the second row.  Below and to the right are the firmware 
versions of each of the installed boards.  Current firmware versions, 
from the openHPSDR web page, http://openhpsdr.org/download.php, are
Mercury 3.3
Penelope 1.7
Ozy_Janus (and Magister) 2.4

(Please note that Ozy and Magister firmware is loaded every time 
PowerSDR starts, so you do not need to manually update its 
firmware--just make sure that Ozy_Janus.v24.rbf is in the same folder as 

For PowerSDR, the current versions are:
single Rx:
dual   Rx:

These versions of PowerSDR may be downloaded from the page  

To get instructions and the necessary files to update firmware, point 
your browser to    svn.tapr.org

Then click on   OpenHPSDR Main,  and   trunk.

Scroll down to USBBlaster-Binaries, and click Download at the right side 
of that line.

You'll get the file
OpenHPSDR Main-USBBlaster-Binaries.r2847.tar.gz

Expand the archive (eg use 7-zip  "extract here" twice) and you'll have 
a folder named   USBBlaster-Binaries.r2847

See the README.txt for instructions.  Magister is essentially a clone of 
Ozy, so whenever there is a reference to Ozy, it also applies to Magister.

You will need to install the Altera Quartus II programmer from


Please post additional queries on this list if you need additional help.



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