[hpsdr] No MIC Audio output with VAC1 activated

Larry Dodd 101science at gmail.com
Fri Jan 25 07:38:11 PST 2013

Thanks Ken:
What I discovered after getting all the VAC1 settings corrected is that
at least in my case if I use the MOX button on PowerSDR I get no MIC
audio with VAC1 activated.  If I give PowerSDR focus, i.e. mouse click on it 
then use the space bar for TX/RX I get MIC audio in transmit as expected.
This will be my work around.  Great for working digital modes like FLDIGI,
EasyPal, and MARS work.  I just have to remember to not use the MOX
button and make sure I give PowerSDR focus - otherwise the space bar for
TX/RX won't work..  At 10 watts the ANAN-10 still totally amazes me.
Thanks to all!

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Hi Larry,
PowerSDR 2.2.9 has a special feature that Doug put in to ensure that the
MIC is available even if you are in Digital SSTV modes where you want to
send via VAC and then talk.

Take a look at your SETUP --> Audio --> VAC1 middle of the window at
bottom is a check box that says "Allow PTT to override /Bypass VAC for
Phone" and it should work FB for you.

I use my space bar to PTT when I am using my MIC and VAC together for
EasyPal digital SSTV.

could this possible be a solution to your problem?

GL de Ken N9VV

On 1/24/2013 7:56 PM, Larry Dodd wrote:
> ***** High Performance Software Defined Radio Discussion List *****
> I noticed that if I am using VAC1 to FLDIGI or M110A
> digital programs and I need to switch to voice using
> my microphone when I hit the MOX button the rig goes into
> transmit but I get no audio output.  If I deavctivate VAC1 then the
> voice from the MIC is ok. Problem is it takes some 10 seconds of time
> to switch VAC1 in and out.  Strange as I believe I have used VAC1
> turned on and used the microphone ok at times.  But most of the time
> I get no microphone audio with VAC1 activated.
> Any ideas of what is going on?  Is this normal?
> OpenHPSDR 2Rx v2.2.9 - Windows 8 – ANAN-10 v2.0
> Thanks,
> Larry K4LED 


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