[hpsdr] DJ8AY Switch - 5/5

VAL PROBERT vk5lb at yahoo.com.au
Thu Apr 22 21:33:52 PDT 2010

Howdy Everyone,
Like Ken N9VV, I purchased an antenna switch. In my case I emailed DJ8AY direct. 
Mine was the Version 3 with the 6m low noise preamp.  
It came with DB25 cable, 12volt power cable and large nuts for the bnc sockets. 
I downloaded all the info about the switch from the net. 
The BNC for Penelope is the one in the middle.  I took 12v from the pwr supply.
That is about all you need to know. It is plug and play.
My application requires that Mercury and Penelope operate in transceiver mode.  
In a nutshell it is a brilliant solution to my application which also required that
Mercury to be grounded while Penny and the Amplifier operates at 400 watts.  
I join Ken in endorsing DJ8AY’s product and service.
Cheers  Dean VK5LB

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