[hpsdr] DJ8AY's and TAPR's help

VAL PROBERT vk5lb at yahoo.com.au
Tue Mar 9 18:18:50 PST 2010

Hi All

My Mercury suffered a short in the Cyclone 3 device due to a screw falling on the C1-C32 line of exposed wires.
I did not expect that anyone would provide support for a complex task such as Cyclone 3 replacement.
I had written it off and wrote to Gerd for a price on Mercury EU.
BTW, My Penelope and Ozy 1 are from Gerd, Mercury and Atlas were TAPR.
Gerd offered to repair Mercury for me, plus fix what I had done during troubleshooting, which he subsequently did.
It came back as new with v2.9 installed and it burst into life instantly.
This support and interest/concern for the project and the people who use it is very welcome.
For information, I have found Gerd to be very professional and efficient in all transactions.
His products are of the highest order.
I also ordered the v3 antenna switch from Gerd to further protect Mercury.
While I am at it the TAPR office was also very helpful in suggestions and advice for the diagnosis period.
They offered to send any parts I needed to me which is amazing support.
It gives me a lot of confidence in the HPSDR project and the people who support it.


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