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Riho B., ES7AAZ es7aaz at gmail.com
Sat Jan 28 03:39:23 PST 2012


one of these  LM97593 based SDR is online in Estonia on 80m by ES3AT:

Designed by estonian guy, Andrus Aaslaid. Can't tell you anything about
the figures, but it sounds not bad at all on 80m.
It has diversity mode feature and 10/100base Ethernet. He is eBay seller 
as well.
Search it as "SDR MK1.5 Radio" if anybody is interested.

Riho, ES7AAZ/OH3.

20.01.2012 4:25, Phil Harman kirjutas:
> ***** High Performance Software Defined Radio Discussion List *****
> There are a number of 'single chip' DDC SDR designs starting to appear on
> the market.  These incorporate the digital front end of a DDC in a single
> IC and follow the
> architecture that we use in Mercury and Hermes.
> Examples of these ICs are the LM97593 and AFE8220-Q1. Both these chips
> incorporate dual DDCs which is a very nice feature.
> These chips are intended to be used primarily in Cell site base stations
> which have lesser requirements in relation to dynamic range and alias
> rejection than a high performance HF receiver.
> For example the LM97593 uses a 4th order CIC filter. This means that the
> first alias will only be 45dB down if a 64.512MHz clock is used for a
> final sampling rate of 192kHz. Once an alias signal has been generated it
> can't be removed using the subsequent FIR filters.
> Recent measurements on an SDR using this chip confirm this figure.
> The AFE8220-Q1 uses a 5 stage CIC filter and can sample at 75MHz which
> will improve the alias rejection.  However, it only provides a 16 bit
> output which limits the dynamic range to 96dB. This figure has to include
> any band noise so will be 10 to 20dB less in practice.
> There will be applications where such chips are very useful but just be
> aware of the limitations before building using these chips or purchasing
> ready built boards on eBay.
> Hopefully future generations of these ICs will be more suited to high
> performance HF receiver construction.
> On a more positive note, the new AD9253 Quad ADC could form the basis of a
> 4 receiver version of Mercury.
> 73 Phil...VK6APH
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