[hpsdr] Hermes Firmware update failed

Bob Segrest Bob.Segrest at BSegE.com
Fri Jan 11 04:44:02 PST 2013

I downloaded the new 2.2 Firmware for Hermes this morning, fired up the
HPSDR Programmer (v1.6), selected Hermes, discovered my rig, browsed to and
selected the v2.2 firmware file.

The activity window indicated that it verified the new firmware file, erased
the existing code successfully and said programming.

20 minutes later there had still been no change in the display...

I restarted the HPSDR Programmer and it can no longer discover the Hermes

I power reset the rig, noting that the led on the front panel is not

I tried restarting the HPSDR Programmer again and no discovery.

Feeling rather screwed at the moment...

How do I fix this?

Bob Segrest

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