[hpsdr] Hermes Firmware update failed

Bruce Beford bruce.beford at myfairpoint.net
Fri Jan 11 05:23:09 PST 2013

It sounds like you will have to use the bootloader mode to load the
firmware. See appendix A of the Hermes manual. You will need to fit a jumper
at JP12, and use the bootloader tab in HPSDR Programmer.

FWIW, My Hermes updated fine, but My Metis gagged on the update. Once I used
the bootloader mode the recover and reload the EEPROM, it's now fine.

Bruce, N1RX

> I downloaded the new 2.2 Firmware for Hermes this morning, fired up the
> HPSDR Programmer (v1.6), selected Hermes, discovered my rig, browsed to 
> and selected the v2.2 firmware file.

> The activity window indicated that it verified the new firmware file,
> erased the existing code successfully and said programming.

> 20 minutes later there had still been no change in the display...

> I restarted the HPSDR Programmer and it can no longer discover the Hermes
> board.


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