[hpsdr] KISS Konsole v 1.1.26: support Metis firmware 2.4

George Byrkit ghbyrkit at chartermi.net
Sun Jan 20 14:13:21 PST 2013

Dear Alf,
I suspect that you probably haven't used KISS since it was combined so that Metis
(Ethernet) and Ozy (USB) were supported in the same executable.

Since you have tried to run InitOzy11.bat, that suggests that you are an Ozy user (else
why do that?)  If so, you should choose the USB (Ozy) configuration from the appropriate
menu item on the main form of KISS.

Otherwise, there is simply something wrong with your configuration.  I would consider
using the installer from the OPenHPSDR download page, rather than get things from the SVN,
unless you have Visual Studio 2010 installed and in use.  You may find, if you use the
installer, that for example you do not have .Net Framework 4.0 installed.

George K9TRV


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