[hpsdr] KISS Konsole v 1.1.26: support Metis firmware 2.4

Alfred Green nu8i at cox.net
Sun Jan 20 20:40:21 PST 2013

On 1/20/2013 3:13 PM, George Byrkit wrote:
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> Dear Alf,
> I suspect that you probably haven't used KISS since it was combined so that Metis
> (Ethernet) and Ozy (USB) were supported in the same executable.
I have used it fairly recently. I don't recall what version but I 
remember it being from the KK_Unified tree.
> Since you have tried to run InitOzy11.bat, that suggests that you are an Ozy user (else
> why do that?)  If so, you should choose the USB (Ozy) configuration from the appropriate
> menu item on the main form of KISS.
Yep, really old hardware; I had AJO (Atlas/Janus/Ozy) running with my 
SDR1000 before Mercury/Penelope were even conceived.
I have done the latest firmware updates per the manual for Mercury and 
Penelope using the Ozy Blaster method.
I did check the Connection Type and it is USB.
> Otherwise, there is simply something wrong with your configuration.  I would consider
> using the installer from the OPenHPSDR download page, rather than get things from the SVN,
> unless you have Visual Studio 2010 installed and in use.  You may find, if you use the
> installer, that for example you do not have .Net Framework 4.0 installed.
I thought I was being a good chap by using the SVN!
I don't have VS installed on that machine, but I did check that .NET 4.0 
is in place.

UPDATE: I manually edited the initozy11.bat file.
The loadFPGA 0xfffe 0x0007 Ozy_Janus.v21.rbf was active so I rem'ed that 
and unrem'ed the v24 line and ran it.
Now when I start KISS it seems to be working just fine.
The title bar says V1.1.26.
The Code Version shows V2.4/V3.3/V1.7.

I can now shut KK and start PowerSDR and it runs OK with no other steps 
If I close PSDR I have to run Initozy again before I can get KK to run, 
but I have that as a shortcut on the Desktop so it's not a chore. I was 
really afraid I was going to have to blow different FW depending on 
which app I wanted to run so I'm happy with the current arrangement.

> 73,
> George K9TRV
Thanks for all your efforts.

73  Alf  NU8I
Phoenix  AZ  DM33xo


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