[hpsdr] KISS Konsole v 1.1.26: support Metis firmware 2.4

George Byrkit ghbyrkit at chartermi.net
Mon Jan 21 05:30:23 PST 2013

Dear Alf,
Yes, that's the trick!  I missed that yesterday.  I should have advised you to check the
settings in InitOzy11.bat, as anyone should, to ensure that it's going to use the versions
that you want it to use.  KISS still has Ozy 21 as the default.  If you want to use
earlier or later, you need to edit InitOzy11.bat yourself.

It's SO hard to know what to set it at!  There are those who are more conservative and use
older versions of Ozy, there are those who are brave and use newer versions.  It's a
problem if I make any change.  It's a problem if I don't make a change.

Happy that things are working for you now!

George K9TRV


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