[hpsdr] PowerSDR v1.19.3.1.diversity 14 (K5SO 14DEC2010)

Joe Martin K5SO k5so at valornet.com
Tue Dec 14 17:24:38 PST 2010

PowerSDR v1.19.3.1.diversity14 (K5SO 14DEC2010) is available for  
download at:


This sub-version modifies the Diversity Control, unnecessary fields  
are removed, the "lock" boxes are re-arranged for more logical  
association with the related data boxes and a "degrees" display has  
been added so that phase angle is shown in radians and degrees both.

Also, the download website has been re-organized for better  
readability and to allow downloads of only the desired files, instead  
of requiring download of an entire initial distribution package, in  
case you are simply upgrading versions or want only specific  
supporting files (e.g. Ozy 6.0 or Mercury 6.2 files), or want to test  
only the executable file before downloading the source code package too.

Feedback is always welcome, of course.

73,  Joe K5SO

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